Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today marks the profound
of the bittersweet for all of us,
As we bear witness to both an end and the beginning,
And while we must continue on,
We must be grateful,
To have been blessed with someone,
Who has ably guided us to where we are today;

When there has been so much love
And happiness for someone,
It is natural to be reluctant,
To close such a wonderful chapter in our life,
For moving forward,
Is rarely accomplished without considerable grief and sadness,
And while our sorrow may be profound,

The clouds will clear,
And the sun will shine on us again,
And in that warmth, bright light,
We will find ourselves facing with glorious future,
A future of exciting challenges,
And infinite possibility,
In which the horizon will stretch out before us,
Bring in the heavenly glow of the sunrise,
For our tomorrow...

~from The Prince & Me excellent words for thought...